Strategy for Responsibility

“Giving makes people feel good” and Maksons Group believes in that. Successful business Organizations are well rewarded for their ability to provide what society wants and Maksons is one of them. Maksons identify needs within the community or ask prominent local organizations what they need help with, and make targeted efforts to contribute. From the very beginning of the organization Maksons contributed in the field of education, local religion institution like mosques, madrasha, personal financial help for various event etc.

Maksons Spinning Mills one of the sister concern of Maksons group, donated a passenger bus to Jahannath University for betterment of the university. Maksons group also donated a x-ray machine to Parashuram Diabetic Samity which added extra value for many patients life of this area. Maksons Group donates handsome amount per year on a regular basis to different institution/organization, clubs, school, college, university, mosque, madrasha etc.